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Smart Card Software Development - Smart Card Programming

Scardi AS main focus is Smart Card Software Development,
but of course we also sell Smart cards, Access cards and Card readers.


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You already know chip cards for door access, credit card or loyalty card, but there is much much more.Simple examples are Health Card, Electronic Driver's License, Insurance Card or Electronic Purse.  When we add multilevel access management, biometric identification, server and database log-on, encryption and decryption of messages, real-time updates of cards and usage of mobile message carrier you get the most advanced and secure application. With one card you can even control thousands of other cards.


Suppose you have a great card idea

Here are some guidelines of how you should proceed to realize your idea.
First of all you really need to investigate that your idea does not already exist!
There are many smart card applications already invented, but not yet
implemented into the public market. (Take a look at our smart card applications)

If your idea does not exist yet  -  Congratulations

How to realize your own card idea now ? 

Here are the 6 things you  will need.

  • Cards ( No problem, you can get them in many different variations)
  • Card reader ( No problem, you can get them as contact or contact-less reader )
  • Money (  Well, it will cost you to buy all these things, especially card programming software (SDK))
  • Card programming software ( You will need a special software to program the card, they don't work like a USB stick!)
  • Software to develop your card interface ( For example, Visual Studio)
  • Time  ( Smart card applications requires skills and are not written over night)


If you don't have the knowledge about
smart card programming
 or card software development

keep reading here ......

Our latest smart card software development project.

Scardi AS World Health Card represents a breakthrough in portable medical records.
It is the first true global card software (system) meant to support patients, doctors, medical institutions, insurance companies and government institutions.

 The World Health Card solution represents pinnacle of smart card programming.World Health Card with biometric identification
Cards are secured by PIN, biometric and visual identification. 

More details about smart health card software...